On your first visit to San Carlos,

you will admire the beauty of its landscapes, starting with the scenic corridor accompanied with “Tetakawi” a striking copper colored mountain, which symbolizes the city. The sea breeze, crashing waves, pristine beaches and elegant accommodations that make up this peaceful paradise, inspires visitors to explore the land, sail the water, go fishing, and discover its vibrant submarine life. San Carlos offers you much more than a beach…it presents an unlimited assortment of activities that will stay in your memory forever.

San Carlos Shopping and Dining

What are you in the mood for? A prime cut of tender, flavorful Sonoran beef, refreshing ceviche or a warm corn tortilla wrapped around today’s catch? Perhaps you’re more in the mood for a cold beer and homemade chips. Your appetite’s the only limit when you’re dining in San Carlos.  You’ll find the perfect spot for every occasion, whether it’s a light post-snorkeling snack or an elegant evening out.

You’ll find the that same top quality and delightful variety among San Carlos’ boutiques and galleries. You can pick up anything from a hot new bikini for the beach or a one-of-a-kind, locally-made jewelry. Lovers of folk art, mission-inspired and antique furniture and décor will find  more than an afternoon’s worth of browsing to do as well. And when they ask back home, “Where did you get that,” you can smile and say, “Oh, just by my place on the sea.”

Outdoor Activities

Outside is where it’s at, whether you’re a water sports fanatic or a confirmed land-lover. The beauty of the sea and surrounding landscape is the heart and soul of San Carlos, and there are countless ways to take it all in! Saddle up and have a peaceful horseback ride along the surf, or charter a boat to experience the majesty of the migrating whales. Lace up your boots and ascend the peaks of Tetakawi to watch the sunset or buckle up for a jeep ride through the desert. Mountain biking, sea kayaking, waterskiing, windsurfing…you could be here a lifetime and not do it all. But you can try!


Marlin, sailfish, dorado, yellowfin, sea bass…the variety and bounty of the Sea of Cortez is legendary. Bring your own boat, hire a charter, or join one of the competitive fishing tournaments throughout the year. Whether you’re an old salt or just getting your sea legs, the fishing adventure of a lifetime is waiting at the dock. Local charter captains can design an outing to suit your experience and interests, so you can focus on the fun.


With countless species of wildlife, warm water and amazing visibility (up to 200 feet at times!) San Carlos is known and loved by divers the world over! Underwater canyons, sunken shipwrecks, and a plethora of playful sea lions are just a few of the area’s diving highlights. Never tried diving but you’re dying to explore the underwater wonders? Snorkeling is a fun and easy option, or you can take a SCUBA certification class from one of the local outfitters.


Southwest hunters know that just south of the border lies some of the most beautiful and rewarding hunting terrain in North America. With five distinct ecosystems and excellent outfitting resources, the state of Sonora has attracted sportsmen who truly appreciate the physical, mental and spiritual challenge of the hunt. 

Tracking the elusive bura deer, or perhaps a wide-racked trophy mule deer through the deserts of Sonora is a unique and memorable experience that can be hugely rewarding.  Other treasures of Sonora include the javelina, desert big horn sheep and coues deer (known as the “desert ghost”), among many others. The costal areas around San Carlos and Riparian areas throughout the state, give bird hunters plenty to get excited about, including several species of duck, geese, mourning dove, quail, and the huge Gould’s turkey, found exclusively in Mexico.

A must, for the best Sonoran hunting, is to connect with a local outfitter who will pair you with an expert guide to ensure that you have a memorable and successful hunt, as well as provide assistance with permits and other logistics.